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Our Investment banking support enables our clients to source more deals and to improve on their turnaround time through the entire deal cycle. Essentially this ensures an improved win rate and a better capability to service their end customers. We support our clients right from the deal sourcing stage to post-deal support across multiple sectors and geographies. We believe that every firm has its unique way of working through a deal and we provide them with the flexibility to structure an engagement which best suits their requirements. Our Investment banking support includes:

1) Equity Capital Markets: Our ECM team supports the client bankers in their Equity Capital raising initiatives which include IPO’s, Rights issue, Secondary issue, and Placements. The support includes a) Qualitative Support: Company and Industry analysis, Pitchbook support, Development of IM’s/Prospectus, Newsletters – daily/Weekly/monthly/event-driven, IPO/New issue analysis. b) Quantitative support: Comparable analysis, Precedent transaction analysis, Capital Structure analysis, Valuation (DCF), IPO modeling.

2) Mergers & Acquisitions: Our M&A team supports the client bankers at both the Screening stage and the Deal Execution stage. The support includes a) Qualitative Support: Industry & Company profiles, Target and Acquirer identification and screening Pitchbook support, Newsletters – daily/Weekly/monthly/event-driven b) Quantitative support: Comparable analysis, Precedent transaction analysis, Merger modeling, LBO modeling, Accretion & Dilution modeling.

3) Debt Capital Markets: Our DCM team supports the client bankers in their debt syndication initiatives through a) Qualitative Support: Company and Industry analysis, Pitchbook support, Development of IM’s/Prospectus, Newsletters – daily/Weekly/monthly/event driven. b) Quantitative support: Comparable analysis, Precedent transaction analysis, Capital Structure analysis, Liquidity analysis, Covenant analysis.

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Our Investment banking support enables our clients to source more deals and to improve on their turnaround time through the entire...


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Articles Related To Financial Modeling

The global demand for data Science professionals is extremely high because of increasing relevance across various sectors. Data Science has become the most-sought skill because the data is piling along with a surge in different tech fields like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data Analytics. Hiring data scientist is being carried across numerous domains like e-commerce, education, retail, telecommunication and much more.


In the past years, analysts used excel tools to analyze data. Things are changing now! In this modern world, data-driven decision making is sparkling and technology is advanced in the data industry. The tools and technologies that modern Data Scientists employ are a combination of statistical and Machine Learning algorithms. They are used to discover patterns using predictive models. The future of Data Science is bright and the options for its implementation are extensive.


Data Scientists must consistently evolve at the edge of innovation and creativity. They must be aware of the types of models they create. These innovations will allow them to spend time discovering new things that may be of value. Subsequently, the advances in Data Science tools will help leverage existing Data Science talent to a greater extent.


So what does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientists influence a pile of data in an innovative way to discover valuable trends and insights. This approach helps to identify opportunities by implementing research and management tools to optimize business processes by reducing the risks. Data Scientists are also responsible for designing and implementing processes for data mining, research and modeling purposes.


Data scientist performs research and analyses data and help companies flourish by predicting growth, trends and business insights based on a large amount of data. Basically, data scientists are massive data wranglers. They take a vast data and use their skills in mathematics, statistics and programming to scrub and organize the information. All their analysis combined with industrial knowledge helps to uncover hidden solutions to business challenges.


Generally, a data scientist needs to know what could be the output of the big data he/she is analyzing. He/she also needs to have a clearly defined plan on how the output can be achieved with the available resources and time. Most of all the data scientists must know the reason behind his attempt to analyze the big data.


To achieve all of the above, a data scientist may be required to:


Every organization has unique data problems with its own complexities. Solving different Data Science problems requires different skill sets. Data Science teams are groups of professionals with varied skill sets. They, as a team, solve some of the hardest data problems an organization might face. Each member contributes distinctive skill set required to complete a Data Science project from start to finish.


The Career Opportunities:

The careers associated with data science are generally categorized into five.


  1. Statisticians: Statisticians work usually for national governments, marketing research firms and research institutes. Extracting information from massive databases through numerous statistical procedures is what they do.
  2. Data Analyst: Telecommunication companies, manufacturing companies, financial companies etc. hire data scientists to analyze their data. A data analyst keeps track of various factors affecting company operation and make visual graphics.
  3. Big Data and Data Mining Engineer: Tech companies, retail companies and recreation companies use data scientists as data mining engineers. They have to gather and analyze huge amounts of data, typically from unstructured information.
  4. Business Intelligence Reporting Professional: They work for tech companies, financial companies, and consulting companies etc. Market research is the primary objective of this job. They also generate various reports from the structured data to improve the business.
  5. Project Manager: A project manager evaluates data and insights fetched from the operational departments and influences the business decisions. They have to plan the work and make sure everything goes in accordance with the plan.

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