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By Intelli-sys C.

Professional Brand Strategist and Developer


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About This Service

  • Branding Standards Document

- Visual Direction of company Brand

- Website

- Ads

- Other Marketing Instruments

  • Ruler book that governs how your Brand should be displayed

  • Style Book includes:

- Brand Positioning

- Brand Vision

- Brand Mission

- Tone of Voice

- Language

  • Typography

- Rules and information regarding font system

  • Color Palette

  • Graphic Design elements

- Rules to govern elements that compliment your brand

  • Iconography

- Icons to use on Brands packages.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

  • Information about your Company.
  • Logo and logo guide
  • Core color palette
  • Voice. Voice, as you might have guessed, is a part of the brand style guide that has nothing to do with the visual aspects. This section of the guide refers to how we speak, what type of language you use and the overall personality of your brand.

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Intelli-sys C.
Intelli-sys C.
Professional Brand Strategist and Developer
FromZimbabweMember SinceJun 20, 2022
We are a team of individuals specializing on different aspects of Business Development. We believe that the Strength of a company lies on its Brand (this is more than a Logo, or Name but the Emotions which prospects have towards the company). For example, if you come to us for Business Development, the First step that we do as a Team we run a Brand Diagnostics of your Company to see and understand how your environment is reacting towards the Company's Marketing Strategies. After that we the...

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