By Keane A.

Working Student (BS Psychology)

Saudi Arabia

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About This Service

I am a college student who has been working 8 hours every day with videos such as these because of online classes in an international college, and I have been transcribing everyday for every class while being able to annotate at the same time. I ended the year as a top-notcher, having the second highest GPA in the Psychology Department. Therefore, I am confident that I will be able to transcribe in a well structured manner with the time entries placed with the text, while being perfectly knowledgeable about the context and idea of the text I am transcribing.

This service is intended for transcribing recorded and/or live video and audio (English only).

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

  1. Specific details regarding what is to be transcribed and how you want it. (Where, when, how do you want it structured, in what format? (pdf, .docx, etc.) etc.)
  2. Access to the directory or link to the recorded files, or the live feed.
  3. Details regarding where the transcribed files are to be uploaded/sent to the buyer.


About The Seller

Keane A.
Keane A.
Working Student (BS Psychology)
FromSaudi ArabiaMember SinceJun 9, 2021
I am a top-notcher, in both my junior and senior high school years. Recently, I am currently a BS Psychology student and have no grades lower than the 90th percentile. In my freshman year I have already taken tasks for the technical team, and been recommended and assigned as a year-level representative of the SISC Psychology Society. Although, I never unhealthily pressure myself to achieve and succeed. I don't like sucking the fun out of anything, and I always regress to my countless hobbie...

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I am a college student who has been working 8 hours every day with videos such as these because of online classes in an internatio...


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