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IIS Hardening

Posted at 7 hours ago

Open for hiringApply before - Mar 1, 2023

We need to harden IIS server that failed PCI scan. Its running a 3rd party file sharing software. Here are the errors we are getting 5.0FAIL443TCPwwwSSL 64-bit Block Size Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)5.0FAIL443TCPwwwSSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)5.0FAIL443TCPwwwTLS Version 1.0 Protocol Detection (PCI more

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AWS engineer with AWS Lambda experience

Posted at one day ago

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 27, 2023

I am looking for an experienced AWS engineer with fluency in Python to tackle specific issues in a Lambda function.The function runs SQL queries that fetch financial stock data from our DB, stores it in a Data Frame and perform calculations that then get returned in a JSON format via an API Gateway URL.Main issue is that it more

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HTML/CSS developer for Template customization

Posted at 2 days ago

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 13, 2023

I am looking for HTML/CSS developer who help me to customize selected template. I will share an html template sample with selected person with top logo is 309px wide by 81px high, colors are #ffff00 yellow, and #0000ff Blue. Border is Blue 2 px. Font is Segoe UI Bold 7.76 pt and 4.65 ptOverall background is #dcdcdc and is more

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Communications / Networking Engineer needed to implement an online PBX protocol

Posted at 2 days ago

Open for hiringApply before - Mar 8, 2023

Job description: Set up desktop dialer system with IP PBXDevelop a system using off the shelf IP PBX packages to enable a user to select name of another user on a website and talk to them over conventional phone network, i.e. desk phone or mobile phone (and not from their computers). System would have preferred phone numbers more

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