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Legal Researchers & language translators needed 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $250.00, Expiry - Jan 27, 2020, Proposals(6) - posted at one month ago
We are looking for people who can research on law areas like employment law, data protection laws, corporate secretarial laws, Tax laws, and export control laws across various geographies & track updates around the same .

Philippines - Experienced lawyer needed 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $22.00, Expiry - Jan 23, 2020, Proposals(1) - posted at one month ago
We need a lawyer to revise our NDA contract and adapt it to fit the PH legal framework.Inform the contractual employees of the foregoing terms and conditions before they start their employment job with us.Lawyer applicants must be from the Philippines only.Please bid on our project is you are interested.Thank You!

Need a person to "review/correct/add to" a royalty payment contract 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $75.00, Expiry - Jan 4, 2020, Proposals(2) - posted at 2 months ago
About us:Company who owns a design for a slow juicer (kitchen appliance)We're looking for a legal adviser to provide support on checking a draft contract and help us improve the royalty payment contract. The contract is in English.This project requires: -knowledge of royalty payment contracts and what supporting documents are more

I need a standard house rental agreement created in word. 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $5.00, Expiry - Dec 20, 2019, Proposals(6) - posted at 2 months ago
I need a standard rental agreement complying with sri lankan law. I will fill in the property and tenant details. Document should be in word format.

Need an attorney to form a new software company and legal docs 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $800.00, Expiry - Dec 20, 2019, Proposals(8) - posted at 2 months ago
I need following to create a new software company that sells software products:1. Create a legal company (entity) LLC2. Create legal documentation in order to sell subscription-based products (Terms and Conditions that users accept, license, contracts and subscription model that clients signs)

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Help me create agreements and form a limited partnership 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $2,000.00, Expiry - Dec 19, 2019, Proposals(2) - posted at 2 months ago
I need help creating the legal docs for a Limited Partnership I have formed. I run a software company and have taken on 'silent partners' and given them revenue shares in my company for their monthly partnership fee. I need help getting all the legal set up for this partnership.

A simple termsheet type review / edit 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $50.00, Expiry - Dec 13, 2019, Proposals(1) - posted at 3 months ago
I've a little termsheet in a project charter type form. I'd like it to be semi-legal to give a bit more formal flair but yet written in not too formal writing. will share contentonly 1 pager,.

Looking for Canadian legal advice for an app 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $50.00, Expiry - Dec 12, 2019, Proposals(0) - posted at 3 months ago
Just need quick research done for an app in developing. Some legal questions are needed to be answered to continue.

Attorney to review contract and provide advice 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $22.00, Expiry - Dec 9, 2019, Proposals(3) - posted at 3 months ago
Looking for an attorney to help with occasional legal advice. I have a firm whom I work with on larger / more involved issues but I would like to find someone who specializes in contract law who can advise me on an as needed basis. Immediate need is a contract review for a software development project. Contract has been more

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Looking for an experienced Real Estate Attorney to review draft 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $22.00, Expiry - Dec 9, 2019, Proposals(0) - posted at 3 months ago
Looking for an experienced Real Estate Attorney to review a petition draft regarding real estate matters. Need to have document looked over for appropriate legal verbiage and proper arguments to prove a case prior to filing the request. Also help to prepare plaintiff for possibility of self representation in trial.

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A large number of people think that “freelancing” is something you do when you cannot get a real job. On the other hand, “freelancers” know that there is nothing more real than that to be the owner, director, and the financial manager at the same time.


Freelancing is basically being self-employed and not committed to any one company or firm. You’ve heard those seemingly perfect freelance stories. Some designer quits his jobs and starts freelancing and now he’s making more money than he was while at a firm. All the while travelling the world and working for himself. Not to mention he gets to choose what kind of work he does.


When I say “full-time job” I mean one that’s 30-hours per week or more. Basically, you’ve hit the threshold for wherever you’ve started to receive benefits for the time you work each week. Generally, over 30-hours is considered regular, and 40-hours is that the “traditional” hours for full time, however many jobs will go over that mark.


When you work as a freelancer, you’re not permanently employed by any one company. You may have a long-term contract, however freelancers are usually working with totally different employers at any given time and should have a spread of tasks that they'll be employed for.


“I choose to be in freelance because I’m able to work my own hours, determine my own salary, and be creative in my work.”

Freelance work offers tremendous advantages and can represent an attractive alternative to a traditional job. If you are considering a freelance career, you should explore the benefits of freelancing. 

  1. Working from home: Working from home is a perfect resolution for balancing work and family or personal life, during which you can with success make for a living and support yourself and your family. Engaging from home and thereby carve out a comfortable life, it's fully possible. But, as long as you're willing to work hard.
  2. Flexibility of hours: Working from home or from a remote workplace as a freelancer allows you to dictate your own hours and work on times most convenient to you. Freelancers with young kids, for instance, will work when the children are sleeping; freelancers with traditional employment or part-time jobs will perform their freelance work around their regular work hours.
  3. Perform multiple task as same time: Large Scale Company engaged in one activity or an entrepreneur who knows how to do five things at once? Freelancers are themselves in their work. That speaks to that they constantly further educate, constantly wide network of contacts and work hard at acquiring new skills that can make them more competitive in the work they are dealing with.
  4. Lower Cost: Utility costs, equipment, insurance, and running the business from the office building has become too costly. If the profit is insufficient, jobs will fail because of the buildup of these costs. Freelancers, on the other hand, almost don't have any additional cost, then will get started by simply registering at premium freelancing sites like Toogit.
  5. Freedom: As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you wish to work with and the projects on which you work, particularly if you have an excess of work. You can drop high maintenance or slow-paying clients or turn down undesirable projects if you desire.
  6. Income Control: Your income is the direct results of your own efforts instead of being set by the law firm or company. In most cases, the harder you work, the greater the reward. Your paycheck or bonus will not be capped, reduced or eliminated by your leader, though it will vary month to month, depending on your efforts and business.
  7. Learning through Work: Do not think about work like at a company wherever you work twenty years the same thing, you'll change jobs and employers on a weekly basis, and lots of additional can learn what is going to be helpful for future jobs.
  8. Full credit: When you work as a freelancer, you receive full credit for your work. You don't have to worry about the blunders of other employees, compromising your work product for the sake of the team or others taking credit for your work.
  9. Opportunity for all: Increasing employment of vulnerable teams like mothers and fathers with young kids, people with mobility problems and people living in remote areas.


“I prefer the freedom to choose what sort of work I do without my schedule being controlled and my choices being commanded by someone else. I can express myself and be appreciated for it as well as bring beauty to the world by way of my work. It also is less stressful than an office environment and allows me the time necessary to take care of my farm.”

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