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Processing email responses for intents and deciding best fit intent from multiple intents

Posted at 7 months ago
Mar 13, 2022
We have a dataset of generic sales email responses of on average 20 word length. They are classified into the following intents at the high level - unsubscribeRequest, notInterested, alreadyInTouch, leadDoesNotHaveBuyingAuthority, busyWillRevertLater, interestedAndPossiblyMeetingRequest, connectingtoDecisionMaker, usingCompetit...read more

Developer with Dialogflow knowledge to create a Bulk Intent Importer using CSV

Posted at 11 months ago
Nov 10, 2021
I'm looking for a developer with Dialogflow knowledge, who can help us create a bulk intent/entity importer using CSV files. 1. Portal can be standalone or part of our own product 2. Agent integration: this is important so we can get real time changes on the Dialogflow console reflected on the agent 3. CSV importer should be abl...read more

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