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Posted at 6 days ago
Nov 24, 2021
A specialist with excellent GOLANG skills is needed to systematize protection methods, search for vulnerabilities and other tasks in the field of information security.The main direction is web applications.PSNo need to audit GO code

Custom Kubernetes Operator Development

Posted at one week ago
Dec 22, 2020
Deliver a Kubernetes Operator that can take a Docker image and upload the contents of a specific folder to the Netlify deploy API. We will use this operator to define our UI deployments inside of Kubernetes (GitOps) rather than letting Netlify handle it. Ideally the operator can also roll-back (if possible) to an earlier deploym...read more

Senior PHP developer, familiar with cryptocurrency/blockchain technologies and security

Posted at 6 months ago
Mar 8, 2021
We are looking for the senior php developer, familiar with cryptocurrency/blockchain technoligies, security best practices and Laravel php framework.Job descriptionCryptocurrency exchange startup is looking for senior php developer.Your responsibilities as a member of dev. team would be to write from scratch the cryptocurrency e...read more

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