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Need a MATLAB expert

Posted at 5 days ago
Mar 15, 2021
Need some help with MATLAB work, only experts must apply.

Transforming images & color. MatLab program covert RGB image, into RGC , RGYC & RGYCB color gamuts

Posted at 2 weeks ago
Mar 10, 2021
Can you imagine what the world would look like if you could not see all it's colors ?How about seeing more color than currently possible ?You will be using your skills in MatLab, and applying your understanding of Image Processing, Optics, Color-space, and Displays.The goal is to create MatLab program to- Read JPG, PNG, TIFF more

Looking for MATLAB simulink professional for robotics work

Posted at 3 months ago
Nov 25, 2021
1. Build a dynamic model of the first 3 degree of freedom (DOF) of the robot using MATLAB's Simscape- using the dynamic parameters given in the table below. Design PID controllers and incorporate themin the Simulink model to control the robot2. Design a cartesian trajectory planner for the first 3 degrees of freedom of the more

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