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IoT websockets server for STM32 mcu

Fixed - Posted at one week ago

May 24, 2022

Looking for a solution to add a websockets server to an existing stm32 mcu. Open to any solution incl ESP8266.Must be native code, no arduino etc.

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Make PC app and firmware for nRF52 DK with FreeRTOS and used Bluetooth.

Fixed - Posted at one week ago

Jun 14, 2022

We need a basic foundation for a Bluetooth communication between a PC and a probable device with a nRF52832 chip. We use nRF52 DK from Nordic Semiconductors to start with.Flowing need to be established on nRF52 (PCA10040):* RFCOMM protocol because it has save packet deliver.* FreeRTOS need to be setup to run with BT stack.* I2S...read more

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Creating driver for Bacnet/Modbus/OPC

Hourly - Posted at 3 weeks ago

Jun 1, 2022

Want to develop a software that can communicate to Bacnet. Modbus, opc(read/write) and should be able to store the data and also do conversions between all the protocols.Can be explained in detail.

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