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Cyber security

Posted at 2 weeks ago
Oct 8, 2021
My WiFi got hacked It's ( TCP ) hack If you can unhack me and prevent my network from future attacks Contact me

Risk assessment templates

Posted at 3 weeks ago
Sep 29, 2021
I am looking for someone who can help me put together risk assessment templates on various topicsNetwork Security, System Security, Application Security, Cloud Security, Wireless Security, Server Security, Physical Security, 3rd Party Vendor Assessment, etc.There is more opportunities available after if this is a successful gig

Need our computers to be HIPAA compliant

Posted at 6 months ago
Mar 25, 2022
We have a group practice of Behavioral Health therapists and need our laptops to be HIPAA compliant. We already use a cloud based EHR and have been doing a lot of Telehealth. We are currently using our laptops, which are HIPAA compliant, from our full time employers. The group is our part time job.

SNMP Specialist /Nerwork administrator

Posted at 6 months ago
Mar 13, 2022
We are looking for a network administrator that is able to implement an open source management network solution.Such as Cacti, Nagios, zabbix, NMIS.We need someone that can install and configure and recommend the best practices.We need to be a le to manage our network devices, and display graphs and reports.

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