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I will manage your website for you
  • by Nilesh B.
  • I will manage your website for you

    While you are busy in the physical office of your company, I will take care of the digital office of your company, that is your we...

    Customer care service
  • by Shahzaib H.
  • Customer care service

    I can handle customer care service very efficiently.I also have experience in this field and I’ll do each and everything honeslty...

    Questions Answer Surveys
  • by Simon M.
  • Questions Answer Surveys

    Basic surveys involving questions and answer sessions, Microsoft Word tasks, Excel and other spreadsheet tasks, chat and messaging...

    Analysing the data
  • by Arthi V.
  • Analysing the data

    I was working for Amazon(Alexa Data services) for more than two years. Transcription was a part of my job role too. I was best pe...

    Work Writing and Editorials
  • by Simon M.
  • Work Writing and Editorials

    For all your editorials, articles, blogs, books, etc. Just specific and I'll deliver as soon as possible within the stated time af...

    Questions and answers
  • by Joan M.
  • Questions and answers

    Questions where I can assist by doing the quizzes and giving appropriate answers where the customer will be well contented with my...

    Automating tasks
  • by Hadj B.
  • Automating tasks

    I will write a script that will make your task much easier.The task to automate must be reasonable.Generally, I use Python.

    Odoo 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Installation, Customization, addons development)
  • by Christian F.
  • Odoo 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Installation, Custo...

    You need a professional to lead and manage your Odoo projetJust contact me, don't hesitate.You need to start from zeroor you get y...

    Amazon virtual assistant
  • by Zaid S.
  • Amazon virtual assistant

    I am an Amazon virtual assistant. I will hunt, source, list and promote the profitable products for you. I will grow your business...

    type setting/ data entry
  • by Emmanuel M.
  • type setting/ data entry

    you got some data and some bulk work to be typed...worry not hire me to do it for you in a short period of time. it depends on how...

  • by John Dale N.

    As a licensed Pharmacist I will be providing vital information, advice and assistance to help you with your medications and to ens...

    Computer aided designing ( CAD ).
  • by Obafemi S.
  • Computer aided designing ( CAD ).

    I provide drafting and rendering of outlines in both 2d and 3d.CAD Services, which involves changing paper drawings into digital f...

    Microsoft access Database design/ Data entry
  • by Arthur L.
  • Microsoft access Database design/ Data entry

    I have vast IT experience with advanced knowledge of all Microsoft applications. I am able to offer my services with the following...

    Shopify Drop shipping Store
  • by Aqsa S.
  • Shopify Drop shipping Store

    Hello, my name is Aqsa!Are you looking for Shopify dropshipping store / Shopify website design? Now you are in the right place, I...

  • by Hanaf B.

    Hi, I am Hanaf.My services are product listing and product hunting .I'll complete my work in time at a low cost.Contact me on t...