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Toogit F.

one year ago
Keeping our vision in mind to serve freelancers better, we proudly announce the launch of first ever social media platform for freelancers.
Use this to connect with freelancers with various skills across the world. Connect with like minded people and create your online team. Ask for help, discuss work, problems and any technical queries. Share your knowledge and build a reputation in front of our clients. Possibilities are limitless!
Hope you all like it.
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i like it .message me.

by Sumitra one year ago

I think this is the first freelancer community website! I like it

by Ashley one year ago

Toogit, we need to have personal message system as well. Just a request. :)

by Web C. one year ago

Thank you for the quick response Toogit!

by Pratik one year ago

We are working on creating support documents. Meanwhile if you have any queries please feel free to write to us at

by Toogit F. one year ago

It seems like the dream freelancer community but require additional support system.

by Pratik one year ago

nice! I can contribute in web scraping task. Please message me.

by Ram R. one year ago

Fantastic ...+1 ! Signed-up today to search some work. This freelancer's community would really help :)

by Elizabeth W. one year ago

Kudos... you have started reading freelancer's mind! Thanks for giving us a platform to talk with freelancers.


by Reena S. one year ago

This is great.kudos toogit .The platform will improve ,improve and improve as the days go by.Also a good area for us freelancers to share ideas

by Joseph M. one year ago

Good work Toogit! I have started an interesting thread! Hope you don't delete it. ;)

by Dinesh one year ago

1) Freelancing
2) Project Management
3) Social Media

You guys rock! Congrats Team and Thank you!

by Priyansu R. one year ago

Wow! I was facing some technical issues. Will post it here...

by Shital S. one year ago

Awesome Toogit! Thanks for this great feature!

by Web C. one year ago

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