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John Difalco

one year ago
Received an email from Toogit last night. My account was blocked and deactivated. I had 100$ in my account and now I can not withdraw it.
Apparently my account was blocked because I had shared my skype-id with client one week ago.

Understood Toogit, I will take care of this going forward. But, can you please let me withdraw my money. I will take care of this going forward.
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I also tried to save the 8% amount by working outside of toogit. I had delivered all the tasks to client but he ran away at the time of payment. So its better to work here on toogit.

by Shital Sharma one year ago

LOL! How much did you make from your previous client? And how much did you save? I hope that's more than 100$.

by Web College one year ago

HAHAHAHA! Toogit, you never cease to amaze me! So you blocked his access once he earned something! Not when he shared his skype! It must have pained a lot John!

by Shilpi Goyal one year ago

Sorry to hear that john! But, I feel you deserve this for not following the rules. When you share your personal details with a client. It could be your gain but we all freelancers loose. Because you not only take the client out of the platform, you take out all the work he possibly could have given to us. You set up a wrong example John. Now, be a man and accept it.

by Hamza Akram one year ago

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