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one year ago
I finally got my first job on Toogit! Feeling happy :)
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Thank you all! Sonakshi, if you are a writer, write as often as possible on social media like toogit where Client can identify you. If you are a technical person, start answering questions. And finally, Never give up! :)

by Tereza one year ago

It would be helpful if you can share some tips for freshers like me :)

by Sonakshi Sharma one year ago

Congrats Tereza...
Wish you all the best Joseph!

by Shital Sharma one year ago

congrats .I too looking forward to have my first job I do web,wordpress,php projects smm.Am hoping for the best

by Joseph Murage one year ago

Congratulations Tereza! What do you do?

by Shilpi Goyal one year ago