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Writing comes naturally to some people. They are capable of influencing the reader’s thoughts and opinions. Just with few lines.


Writing gives you many short and long terms of jobs as well. Nowadays, there are 2 types of writing Print media (magazine and newspaper) and Web-based writing.


Web-based (online) writing is the largest market for writers. Below are the writing jobs available on Toogit:


Content Writing


Content writing jobs on Toogit

Content writers make a website rich in content. Consider a website and think who writes everything that you see on a website? All pages are full of text. And every page is designed to convey different information in a different tone. These are written by content writers. These might be written by one or different writers on each page.


Content writing is mostly focused on some specific keywords and SEO strategies. The quality of good content is decided on the basis of Keyword density and how engaging the contents are. SEO contents are a must all the time but ranking is actually determined on the basis of readability and quality of the content.


As a content writer, you can make around $700-1200 monthly on Toogit by working a couple of hours every day.


Copy Writing


Writing advertisements and promotional materials is called copywriting. Advertisements, brochures, catalogs, emails are examples of a copywriter’s work.


Copywriters are the highest-paid online writers. Their work must prompt readers to take action. Experienced full-time copywriters make $5000 monthly on an average.


Blog Writing


Blog writing jobs on Toogit

There are millions of blogs running right now. The best part about blogs is their momentum. They keep on updating every day with new posts. That is like many thousands of posts every day. Which is bigger than it sounds.


The constant demand for blog writers does not seem to be met in near future. Full-time blog writers can earn around $3000 a month on Toogit.





Writing speeches is not like the others mentioned above. Content, blogs, and copies are published online on a website but speeches are actually written for the offline world. But you can find freelance speech writers online.


Politicians, Celebrities, bands, startups continuously seek good speech writers online. It could give you fame and good earnings quickly.


Technical Writing


You must have seen manuals, knowledge bases, brochures of different software, and hardware. These are created by technical writers.


There is a constant demand for technical writers. Good technical writers can earn around $2000-5000 every month in freelancing.



Many other freelance writing niches are grant writing, academic writing, kindle book writing, fiction, ghostwriting, etc. Good writers will always make a good living in freelance writing.



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