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8 months ago


Freelancing is a modern craft. Imagine a world where no one needs to go anywhere for work. Everyone works from home. No matter what your profession is, you don’t have to go anywhere for job. That’s what freelancing is.


We all have some tools and applications to perform our jobs successfully. More efficiently. Similarly, in freelancing, we need some basic tools and applications to manage everything efficiently. We will now discuss what tools and apps are needed to manage your freelancing business. It is not going to be a recommendation for any specific tool. Just the idea about what you need. You can than choose any tool you want.


Basic devices: PC, Internet, Smartphone


You won’t need typical set of extreme hardware to be a successful freelancer. A computer with internet connection is all you need to get started. PC and internet will make you to be able to work from any corner of world. In other words, you can work from any location where you have internet and a PC. Smartphone sync is good in case of urgent communications when you aren’t near your computer.


Data backup mechanism


Once your freelancing business is fruitful, you can’t rely on your single machine. No matter how good your hardware is there is always a chance of crash. What you need is a good plan where you can keep your backups. Nowadays, hundreds of providers are offering free cloud storage. That is a good option for your data backup. Google also offers around 10 GB free storage with an account. Make use of it so that you would never have to deal with data loss issues.


Video conferencing tools

video conferencing for freelancers

Internet is a virtual world. It is easy to relate and trust an actual person who is more than just an online profile. It is good to be equipped with video conferencing tools. Skype is most popular and free way to be video able. Also, along with video conferencing, you need a good tool to keep up live chats. Issue with video and chat tool is, they work only when both parties have the same tool. So it is better to use most popular and famous tools that are used by almost everyone.


Project Management tools


As a freelancer, you would work with many clients at the same time, simultaneously. Typically your working hours will be divided depending on the number of clients. In this situation it is very normal to miss something important. 100 tasks in a day are not easy to remember on daily basis. Specially 100 different tasks every day. You can choose some good project management tools to manage and deliver your projects successfully on time. Good tools are always offered on premium subscription basis. Make a wise decision accordingly.


Talking about tools, Toogit provides a high end premium project management tool for each of your project, free of cost. Using this tool will make your project easier and simpler. Check this page to know about this tool:



When you have all above things, you are all set. You wouldn’t need anything additional except your work related applications.





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