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Jhalak Garg

one year ago
Hi, I am Jhalak Garg.
Data Entry, Administration, Office coordinator, Internet Research, Photography, Web Screening, Recruitment, Email Handling.
I have 2 years of experience in a travel company as back-office coordination, travel accommodations and in data entry and converting pdf files into excel.
Have 3 years of experience in an event company as office coordinator, travel accommodation and data entry and converting pdf files to excel.
Have completed 5 projects of property and hostel listing as a freelancer too.

Photography, Cooking, Traveling and finding new places, love to talk to people about their lifestyles, Dance.
why you should hire me is that I have a unique combination of data entry and web search combination, which means I’ll be able to data entry with the web search too. I excel in the kind of Data entry working environment that you have built. And also, I’m known among my co-workers as a great data typist/entry. I can see myself continually growing and developing my skills and knowledge to become even more valuable to your company.
This is my dream job. Someone else might have better credentials, but within a few months, I’ll have those same credentials, plus the passion those others lack.

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