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Abhishek R.

one year ago
Are you looking for Business Leads of specific criteria?

Well, I am providing targeted Business Leads of your Specific Criteria/Location(Zip Code,City,State,Country) with high accuracy.

Usually, I provide following Information:-

*Company Name
*Industry Type
*Full Address
*Business Phone Number
*Contact Name
*Direct Email address(with NO info@,sales@,service@ etc.)
*Linkedin Profile
*Company Revenue

=Data Entry,
=Lead Generation,
=Email Marketing,
=Yellowpage Data Collection,
=Image Collection Projects ,
=Manual Email Collection from different website,
=Manual Data Collect,
=Data Processing, Data Mining, Data Cleansing,
=Website Date input etc,

Why should you hire me?

#I have a Premium Sales Navigator LinkedIn Account to generate leads.

#I have 3+ years of experience in this area by using modern tools and techniques.

# My objective is to provide 100% accurate service to my client and give client full satisfaction.
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