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Pholngam Ws

one year ago
Hi, I am new to all this Freelancers work so I wanna ask you all a question .. please spare me a moment and help me or clear my doubts.
So the question is what do I do if I wanna apply for a certain job here? Like what is this Proposal exactly. Do I need to write and literally ask the person to hire me (and do the work only after I'm hired?) or its the other way around? Do I need to do the work first and send? How do I know if I'm accepted or hired?
Please someone help me I'll really appreciate it
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Hi Pholngam,
You don't need to work until client hires you.
To Apply for any Job, You are supposed to draft a proposal first. Which includes your project understandings, Your samples of similar work done before ( You can add links to your work ), Your doubts- if you have any questions regarding the project, Your approach for the project & Time and cost quotations for the same.
Once you submit a proposal, the client would be able to see that, and if he finds it good enough, He will hire you and you can start working.

by Bharat Bharatia one year ago

Hi, Thank you. You really cleared my doubts!

by Pholngam Ws one year ago

In the proposal you need to start the work discussion with the client and show your intentions that you are ready to work on his job. Also, you need to make sure that you mention your relevant work experience and history.

Yes, you need to work after your proposal has been accepted by client.
Never work before client accepts your proposal. If you do, you are are the risk of not getting paid.

Once you are hired, you receive an email for toogit.

by Web College one year ago

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