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Elizabeth Wesia

one year ago
I'm a relative "newbie" to wordpress design, so apologies if this sounds like a silly question :)

I recently paid to have my website totally redesigned. It has been created using Wordpress, Visual Composer and the Fortuna Theme.
For a variety of reasons, I'd like to modify the footer of my website. It currently reads..

© 2017 XXXXX | Designed By Company Name

I'd like to modify that line to say something else, along with removing / replacing the current hyperlink for the Company Name part.

My question is: which file (or files) do I need to modify so that when I make the change, the change will take effect across the entire site?
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Go to functions.php & find the same content as in the footer... & replace with your content.

by Vinay Narang one year ago

Thank you Geraldine. You have pointed me to right file. Thanks a lot.

by Elizabeth Wesia one year ago

If your theme does not come with the feature to change that within the WP control Panel, then it's probably hard coded in the footer.php file.
Look for the text you want to removed and delete it and then save your changes.

This update will show across all your pages.

The footer.php files can be found by going here: wp-content/themesfooter.php

by Geraldine one year ago

Hi Elizabeth,
Can you please tell the exact location of that part ."Is it in Header , footer" also share the website link to clear you abt that...

by Vinay Narang one year ago