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Shilpi Goyal

one year ago
How many have enabled auto proposal and got a project from it?
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Well mine got expired and I stopped receiving jobs. Re-enabled it last night and things are starting to move again. So, it does work.

by Web College 2 months ago

If you are looking for projects then you have to enable auto-proposal. It doesn't work without auto-proposal. I got 3 projects. More power to you.

by Matthew Forgione one year ago

Hit like button if you like auto-proposal and it worked for you.

by Shilpi Goyal one year ago

Logically it works. I have it enabled. Saves a hell lot of efforts.

by Dipali Ambre one year ago

It definitely works. But, you need to have patience. Good thing is, you have to just subscribe and forget about it. Magic will happen sooner or later. I got atleast 3 projects from this.

by Shital Sharma one year ago

I had it enabled it for 1 month. Didn't get any projects from it though. Does it really work?

by Web College one year ago

I do.. Got my second project from this.

by Swapnil one year ago

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