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Shilpi Goyal

9 months ago
How many have enabled auto proposal and got a project from it?
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If you are looking for projects then you have to enable auto-proposal. It doesn't work without auto-proposal. I got 3 projects. More power to you.

by Matthew Forgione 8 months ago

Hit like button if you like auto-proposal and it worked for you.

by Shilpi Goyal 9 months ago

Logically it works. I have it enabled. Saves a hell lot of efforts.

by Dipali Patil 9 months ago

It definitely works. But, you need to have patience. Good thing is, you have to just subscribe and forget about it. Magic will happen sooner or later. I got atleast 3 projects from this.

by Shital Sharma 9 months ago

I had it enabled it for 1 month. Didn't get any projects from it though. Does it really work?

by Web College 9 months ago

I do.. Got my second project from this.

by Swapnil 9 months ago