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one year ago
How to make winning proposals?

Even after trying your best if you are not getting the projects, you should seriously consider changing your bidding style. Making successful proposal is the base of freelancing business. There is only one way to be successful in freelancing, make your bid unignorable.

What is bidding\proposal making?

You have selected a freelancing project that you want to work on, next step is to let the project owner know your interest. You would apply on this project with your fee, timeline, approach and your answer to the most important hidden question 'Why should client hire you?'. This entire process is most widely known as bidding.
Now, other then you, there must be hundreds of freelancers who would want to work on the same project. You are one of the hundreds; you have to be the one who gets it. You only have one option to get this project - Make an un-ignorable bid. So how would you make a successful bid? By following these simple tips:

The portfolio:
The first thing your client would want to check is your past work. How you performed in your last project? What type of results he can expect from you? Did you deliver last project within timelines? What issues he might face with you? These are the basic questions your client would search for while checking your portfolio. Show your best projects in your portfolio and it is added advantage if your best work happens to be considerably same as the new project.

Details and questions:
Most freelancers do not read the complete description of the project thoroughly. This is why their bid is going to be rejected. Some project owners put some secret words in the description and ask you to put these words in your proposal, just to check if you actually have read the description. Do read the description at least three times before making a proposal.

Check the deadlines:
Time deadlines are a must to meet. Know the deadlines and be honest in how much time you can deliver the project. If the deadlines are hard for you, don't bid on this one, there is always one more that suits you most.

Be professional, avoid bragging:
The proposal has a limited number of words, save the word count for a better purpose. The moment you start bragging about you, your client will loose the interest. Your approach should be direct, point to point.

These are the points you should follow while making the proposals. Making a successful proposal could be tricky and time consuming, but this is the only way to get work. Hence, it has to be crafted very carefully.

There is one more point worth mentioning. Toogit has automated this entire process of making proposals and bidding. It could save you lot of efforts and time. This one is exclusively for

Automated bidding on Toogit:
This entire process has been automated on You can activate your automated proposals and let Toogit bid for you. Automated proposal submission is in beta phase as of now. Try this feature and let us know how it performed over traditional bidding process. You can write as at and instructions to activate the automated process are given here.

Happy toogitting!!
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