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Daniel Fredriksen

one year ago

We are an experienced mobile development firm based in the United States that can develop your mobile application for a very reasonable price. We can develop your application in Xamarin so that it can compile natively into Android, iOS or UWP code. This is better than using some technologies such as PhoneGap because the code will compile natively and run more efficiently. Furthermore we will be using C# technology so that common code can be shared across the platforms, allowing us to reuse the code. This results in decreased complexity as there is less code to maintain. Xamarin and MONO are both open source, so there should be no limitation to using the libraries.

Our policy is also to fix any bugs that make it past our QA process free of charge. You do not have to worry about us disappearing once the project is over, we are happy to stay on for support after the project is delivered.

Payment is only due upon delivery of the completed project to your specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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