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Julee Sinha

7 months ago
E-commerce website.
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lets talk on how to set it up, your advertising on my ecomm

by Lia Castillo 5 months ago

Hi Julee thanks for your reply, that is an advertising monthly on my website, so everythime I direct the client to my site, you page will be seen as well.

This website is being develop now and customers are interested to view

by Lia Castillo 6 months ago

If we will invest what will be our benefit and how we will know regarding it will you be able to explain me as i am thinking for monthly exposure.

by Julee Sinha 6 months ago

If it is a free service then advertise my company's website

by Julee Sinha 7 months ago

hey you may want to advertise into mine

by Lia Castillo 7 months ago