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one year ago
How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?

Becoming a freelance blog writer isn't always easy in the beginning, but I've found that it's vastly more fun and rewarding. It's worth the effort. The cool thing about freelance blog writing is that you can do it from any place, any time of day.

So how do you go about becoming a freelance blog writer? Here are some of my best tips:
Don't quit your day job. Even if you'd like to become a full-time free-lance writer and eventually quit your job, don't do it just yet. Test the waters and sharpen your skills before you do anything drastic. I suggest free-lance blogging on the side for at least a few months (if you're already an experienced writer) and for 6 months or more if you're completely new to the game. Get good at what you do, develop a relationship with blogs that pay, and get a feel for the workflow necessary.

Create a blog. The first step to freelance blog writing is to create a blog of your own. This will serve as a showcase of your writing, and a way for you to practice your skills. Blog writing isn't the same as writing for print -- not exactly anyway. Many of the same rules apply, but you need to get a good feel for the medium before you ask people to pay you for it. Don't just write any old thing on your blog -- write high-quality articles that would serve as excellent samples to any potential employers.

Get noticed. No one will read your blog at first. Don't expect the traffic to come immediately. But write great articles with great headlines, submit some of them to social media such as Digg and Netscape, and you might get a few hits. If you get some popular articles, you could get some regular readers. Once you've got some subscribers (a couple hundred would be awesome), don't submit your stuff to the social media -- let your readers do it for you. And they will, if the article is worthy. If it's not worthy, you don't want to submit it anyway. The effect of a popular article -- or more accurately, a few popular articles -- is big, in terms of becoming a freelancer. It gets you noticed by other blogs, and they're your real market.
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