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one year ago
Hey. I am new to this community and free lancing. Any advice which can help me improve my profile or portfolio are welcome.
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@Hamza, you don't have anything in your profile. not even a profile pic. Do you expect clients to hire you? Then complete your profile first.

by Web College one year ago

Web college, I have enabled auto-proposals but I am not getting any responses. can you suggest something for me?

by Hamza Akram one year ago

Don't forget to follow me and others. It would be easy to start building your network now than later

by Web College one year ago

Add portfolio and define a service if you can. Rest all looks good to me. Since your one of the skill is writing, it would make sense to add some details to your profile description. Its too short right now. If you can afford, subscribe to auto proposals.

by Web College one year ago