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Alfonce K.

one year ago
Hi everyone. While I am still new here and still learning to maneuver around this platfrom I got interviwed for a writing job yesterday. What shocked me is the fact that potential employer here still insist on being provided with stellar content by freelancers yet they want to pay next to nothing! Why should one insist on paying $1 for a 500-word article in this time and age? Do you believe writers deserve better for their work? share your thoughts with me
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I would also urge writers never to submit samples to suspected con artists. Imgine I have three personal blogs where I post content that I write. When I refer a requester/employer to my sites, some still ask me to write samples. Such a request tells me the person is not sincere. So be wary of such characters and let's keep writing. I believe freelance writing is a noble profession just like any other.

by Alfonce K. one year ago

I would suggest to report the client's name to toogit team. You can shout out here or send them an email. I got one similar client named gajini blocked here.

by Shilpi G. one year ago

Thanks a lot shilpi for your comments. Other than scumbugs that pose as potential employers, the act of belittling writers with miserable pay also underminds the credibility of worksites such as toogit. The admin should find a way of filtering fake requesters because they are only good at wasting other people's time. I will surely opt for autoproposals instead.

by Alfonce K. one year ago

Yes, everyone deserves to be paid better. Some clients don't have budget or right money to get things done, still they want to try. Some are just scamming. They ask you to submit a sample of your writing then just vanish without replying.

I believe, it is us who has to make a smart decision. Every freelancing platform is full of these scumbags.

I submit proposals on two kind of jobs here

1) client is accepting auto proposal. That shows client has money to pay because he paid for auto proposal before getting started. It also shows client is serious.
2) client invited me.

There was a client few weeks ago here. He wanted me to fix his site for mobile view. Without giving access to cpanel or code. He invited me and asked me if I can do it. I agreed but he never gave the access. Instead started using kind of abusing language. I reported him.

So, there are variety of people and jokers. Apply the filter and keep bidding.

If you can afford, auto proposal subscription gives a great relief. Try it.

by Shilpi G. one year ago

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