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Rajesh Bathula

10 months ago
what is the best language to create a website ?
Can anyone Give me suggestions?
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PHP is best for website ..

by Nisha 10 months ago

Depend On What Type of web project
For Online Gaming Website
Used Htm,css Javascript for frontend hile backend used Node js and monogo DB
For Online Blog And Chating Web Project
Used Html Css, Javascript for frontend while backend use PHP and MySQL DB

by Lexy Destiny 10 months ago

for front-end: HTML/CSS/Jacascript
Back-end: PHP. MySQL, Python

by Ritu Agarwal 10 months ago

Best language to create a website? depends on the site, if it's one-pager, HTML, CSS and JS might be the only ones used, but if blogs (for example) are required, PHP and MYSQL along with the front-end should do the trick. hope this helps :-)

by Web College 10 months ago