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Manish Panchal

one year ago
Hy i need work
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I followed following steps to get my first job
1) Complete your profile
2) Share your profile on twitter, linkedin and google+
3) Post a service, you must be capable of doing something which can be posted as service
4) share your service on twitter, facebook and google+
5) Login daily and submit proposals. Make your proposal a conversation starter and not just your resume. Talk about what client needs, not what you can do. Client is least interested in knowing about you. He is looking for someone who understands what he needs and can help him.
6) Be positive. Its easy to loose hope when yoy do not hear back from clients. But client can not hire all of us for his one job. So we need to have patience.

By following above steps, I got my first client contact via twitter. I still get messages on twitter to discuss work. Toogit doesn't force us to accept payments through toogit, like other websites do. But, what I have learned is, if you work outside of toogit, chances are client will not pay you. Its better to stick here. Ask client politely to set up the project here and hire you before doing any work.

Bonus step, which I am doing right now. Sooner you start it, better chances you have in future to win more clients.

7) Be active here, yes, answer questions. This will not help you immediately. But if I undertood it correctly, this is going to be visible on our profiles later. Meaning, this will be visible to clients. It will tell clients about our thought process and our knowledge. I believe this is going to be unique and much powerful tool to help clients test us.

by Shilpi Goyal one year ago