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Sudhir Kumar

10 months ago
Hello Friends!
Share your best experience with "Toogit". I have doubt to get success due to very low project landing here. search any keywords, you will get results like the first post 2 hours ago, second post 1 day ago, third post 6 days ago, fourth is 2 weeks ago and on and on ...

I'm not spreading negativity. That's the way I feel.
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My experience says put aside ego. Yeah, that's our ego which tells us clients are not good or toogit doesn't work or some other freelancing site doesn't work.
But, the fact is, it works for so many. Toogit is completely different and if you haven't figured it out already you need to work on it. Understand it and then work on it. Without that it's not gonna work.

by Swapnil 10 months ago

That's because project award ratio here is very good compared to other websites. Clients pay here to get proposals. That means, projects are posted here if the client is really serious about getting the work done.

So, you rarely see an open job after 2 or 3 days. Have you enabled auto-proposal yet? If not, you got to enable it to see the real toogit.

by Shilpi Goyal 10 months ago