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Shilpi Goyal

10 months ago
Guys, client name Gajani. Job url - >

Don't entertain him. He will ask you to provide samples. After that he will stop responding.
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What could be a better way than tell the entire community by posting/reporting that person here. I tried it and it worked beautifully. Not only Toogit blocked the client. But all freelancers now know how to handle Gajani and his work. :)

by Shilpi Goyal 10 months ago

Is there any option to flag/ report such persons ?

by Bisht Sumit 10 months ago

Thank you Shilpi! We have blocked the client's account and removed all his job postings.

by Toogit Freelance 10 months ago

yes, you are right Shilpi. here few people are doing such work. I also cheated with them, please beware of dogs.

by Santosh Kumar. 10 months ago