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Shilpi Goyal

one year ago
Guys, Don't feel bad about this. But, I am feeling that we are abusing a really good platform.
By posting what services we offer will not help anybody or us. Clients will not come rushing to us with this kind of posts.

We should realize and understand the true power of this really good platform. Many of us are experts in our respective fields. We should share that knowledge by answering the user queries. Here. We should discuss real concerns and help each other.

That way, not only our knowledge will improve but clients will be able to judge our true knowledge based on those answers.

I am pretty sure this platform is going to be world's no. 1 in coming days. We are lucky to be the first ones to have reached here. It's a golden opportunity for all of us to start building our reputations here. A reputation which will remain forever with us. And will help us survive this wild freelancing world.

This is just my opinion. Haters are free to say anything.
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