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Why My Account has been Blocked?

Toogit rarely blocks anyone’s profile. However, if you violate any of the following, your account is blocked immediately.

Sharing your personal information on social media, in proposals, in messenger, in services or in job posts. Personal information like contact number, email-id, skype-id or any other personal mode of communication with each other is strictly prohibited.

Asking to pay outside of toogit.

Abusing or misbehaving with other users.

Using Toogit to promote false information.

Using Toogit social media to promote hatred and negativity.

When should I change the timesheet or project or invoice status to completed?

You should keep the status of project/invoice/timesheet in-progress until you do not want to further bill the client. You should change the status to completed at any of the places i.e. project/timesheet/invoice when you have submitted all the invoices or timesheets. Once project status has been changed to completed, you cannot submit further invoice and timesheets. For this, you need to re-open the project.

I have changed the status to completed but I want to re-open it?

You and your client must have received an email with instructions to re-open the project. This email is sent when you change the project or timesheet or invoice status to completed. Please follow the instructions in email to re-open the project. You can also send an email to support@toogit.com to re-open the project in-case you encounter any issues.

Hourly or Fixed price project doesn’t work for me. I need a custom contract.

Just send an email to support@toogit.com with your contract requirement and we will set-up your project with your terms and conditions.

PayPal or Bank Transfer doesn’t work for me?

Choice of your payment mode will not impact your work. When you are on Toogit, you should be least bothered about payments. Just send an email to support@toogit.com with your preferred mode of payment and we will accept the payment using that mode for you. The same will be regularly updated in your transaction history on Toogit.

Client has authorised my invoice, but I have not received the amount

Did you initiate the withdrawal request on Toogit? Please check the withdrawal initiation date, withdrawal usually takes 7-10 days. If it has been more than that, just send an email to support@toogit.com

I withdraw X amount but I received Y in my bank account

There can be slight differences between what you receive in your account vs what you see on withdrawal page. These differences are due to differences between the currency conversion rate on transaction initiation date vs transaction settlement date by your client. Ex. If client initiates a payment of 10 USD on 1st Jan but it’s settled on 5th Jan by Payment Gateway. You will see the amount based on exchange rate of 1st Jan but you will get the amount based on exchange rate of 5th Jan. It could be slightly more than what you see on website or it could be slightly less than what you get.

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