5 Skills that pay high and don’t have competition

5 Skills that pay high and don’t have competition

Online freelancing is a highly competitive field. Millions of freelancers, thousands in every specific skill.

Hundreds of freelancers bid on a single project when any one would get it. This is the glimpse how competitive online freelancing is.

This over competitiveness simply brings the prices down and you can get next Facebook developed for $200.

This is how competitive and crowded freelancing marketplaces are. But there are some skills which are still least competitive and pay good:

Machine Learning

Machine learning teaches programs how to perform the tasks they are not programmed for. Computer applications usually face some conditions which were not real when the application was created, so if it comes to this, how should the application handle it effectively? This is what Machine Learning experts are needed for.

It has very less competition as of now. Machine learning experts are hard to find. It is also one of highest paying IT skill as of now.


Data security is most challenging task in today’s world. Billions of dollars are spent yearly to secure the data.

etical hackers jobs

Companies hire hackers to test and break their firewall and security mechanism to make sure their data won’t be intrigued by others.

Small size startups and businesses also search for Ethical hackers to test their security measures.

It is a rare skill to have but if you have it, it could earn you fortune in no time. And ethical hackers are rare to find in online freelancing.

Accounting and tax calculation

Accounting is not a rare job offline. Infact it is most common and popular job. What makes it rare in online world is lots of small size businesses, start ups and individuals who can’t afford full time accountants. So they look for accounting jobs in freelancingaccountants when and as needed.

Even freelancers look for accounting freelancers to calculate taxes. Also, accounts freelancers are most common in offline world but online accountants are rare to find.

Pharmaceuticals and online doctors

Being a doctor is one of the most respected professions. Doctors do earn good but online practices are not so common. The reason behind it is there are so many things that can’t be done virtually.

But online doctors basically consult and advise. So many health firms, profit or non-profit NGOs, start up pharmaceutical manufacturers, patients need consulting. It could be very strange to find a good doctor online. Very few are working in this field. It is very easy to find online remote work for doctors and it pays well.

Customer Support

Outsourcing call centers is a famous practice and followed since a long time. It is easy to outsource for mid size firms. But hard for some small size businesses and individuals.

In this entire list, this one has most projects in online freelancing. 2-3 hours time every day could earn you lot of money online. Best part is there are no additional skills required as such if you are good in communication.


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