Fees Structure

Client Fees

Toogit.com does not charge any fees to the Clients. Client still need to bear payment gateway charges which is as per table below.
Client can choose the payment gateway based on his preference and as per charges given below.

Payment GatewayGateway Charges

Please note - Payment Gateway charges are non-refundable

Freelancer Fees

Toogit.com charges Sellers/Freelancers a Facilitator Fee of 8% on all authorized by client work.

When a Seller/Freelancer withdraws funds from his Toogit.com Wallet, Toogit.com passes on any fee incurred to process the payment (by third party payment processors) as a withdrawal fee.

Toogit charges 8% of total billed (and authorized by client) amount to freelancers. When client sends their payments to the freelancer, we deduct a 8% fee from the rate they charged client. For example, if client pays freelancer 1000/- (INR), freelancer earns 920/- (INR) and we receive 80/- (INR).

To ensure quality proposals, Sellers/Freelancers can submit 15 free proposals (30 connect points) per month. If they wish to purchase extra connect points when the free connect points are exhausted. The charge for extra proposal credits is as follows:

Connect PointsUSDINR

*When the User recieves funds in his Bank account, their Financial Institutions may impose a currency coversion charge if they are withdrawing money in their local currency, which should be borne by the User.

*In case of withdrawals in USD there might be currency exchange fee depending on the current exchange rates.