Withdraw Your Earnings

Your earnings from your clients become available in your Toogit account as soon as client authorises your invoice/timesheet.

Toogit doesn't charge anything for 1 withdrawal per month. However, subsequent withdrawals in the month are charged and shown appropriately at the time of creating the withdrawal request. You may also be required to confirm your identity beforehand. You can create a withdrawal request if you have atleast 1000 INR in your Toogit Account. Also, the funds on your Toogit Account must be sufficient to cover any applicable withdrawal fee (if any). You can choose the method of withdrawal when submitting your withdrawal request.

Your Toogit Account may be subject to withdrawal limits, depending on your withdrawal count within a month. The withdrawal count status of your Toogit Account and other factors used by us to determine such limits from time to time at our sole discretion.

Please note - Referral bonus is not eligible for withdrawal at the moment. You can use this to purchase services on Toogit.

In order to access your earnings, you'll need to go to My Transaction page. This is also available in your profile widget under Go To section.

How to withdraw?

In order to withdraw your money you first need to add your bank account details.

  1. Go to the menu > Settings > Withdrawal Method
  2. Payment options are shown based on your location. Please ensure your location is set correctly in your profile. You can set your location as your bank account's location in your profile to ensure payments work correctly for you.
  3. Enter the bank/PayPal/Payoneer details and save.
  4. Go to My Transactions.
  5. Click on the box which says Withdraw Limit (Click to withdraw in your bank account).
  6. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and save the details.
  7. Amount is usually credited to your bank account within 10-15 working days depending on your bank location. For ex. If you are in India, this usually happens within 10 working days.