Frequently Asked Question For Freelancers

How do I get started?

Sign up and create your account. Once complete, start searching and applying for the projects you like.

A good profile will always get you more visibility and more work. These are some tips: Creating a profile, making proposals, Auto proposals

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How to signup as freelancer?

What can I do on toogit?

Anything that can be done on a computer – from web and mobile programming to graphic design – can be done on Toogit.

Projects on various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more are posted and found on Creating an account or finding work is free of cost on

How to search and apply for jobs?

What is Toogit Payment Protection?

Toogit payment protection ensures that the work doesn't go unpaid. Toogit applied ESCROW payment protection system. After posting a project, client would deposit the project amount in his Toogit account and when freelancer delivers the work this project amount is forwarded to freelancer's account, only after the confirmation of client. Toogit's 8% commission would be deducted before sending the amount in freelancer's account. It also ensures the client only pays for the work he approved.

What is dispute and how Toogit resolves it?
The payment, tasks, goals are set up with a mutual contract agreement from both sides. In case of misunderstandings, Toogit reserves the right to interfere and resolve the dispute. Disputes will be resolved by reviewing contracts and mutual work agreements between client and freelancer

How do I get paid?

For hourly projects you should submit a weekly timesheet. This timesheet/invoice is sent to the client for approval. When client approves it, we would release the payment in your Toogit account.

For fixed budget projects, when you complete the work, you can raise invoice and mark the project status as completed. This invoice is sent to client for approval. When approved, we release the payment in your Toogit account.

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How to submit timesheet/invoice?
How to raise customised invoices?

What is Toogit AI?
(Artificial Intelligence)

Toogit's revolutionary AI looks at more than 30 parameters to match a freelancer with the project. Few of them are

  1. How old your association is with Toogit. Early registrants will be on advantage here.
  2. How frequently you visit Toogit
  3. How relevant your proposals are
  4. How many replies you get on your proposals
  5. Your skills combinations and years of experience
  6. Your project success rate
  7. And 24 other parameters are considered

It's important to enable Toogit Instant Connect service. Because that's what activates the AI for your profile.

You will rarely find an open project. Because as soon as project is posted a perfect match is found and selected. This all happens in less than few minutes. So, buckle up guys. Future of freelancing is here.

Checkout, how Toogit Instant Connect works
How Toogit Instant Connect works?


How do I get started?
What can I do on toogit?
What is Toogit Payment Protection?
How do I get paid?
What is Toogit AI?

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