Referral Program

Toogit Referral Program is a program that allows Users to receive certain benefits in their User account ("Referral Reward") if they refer a non-Toogit user ("Referred User") to Toogit and they then make a sign-up. Users perform this referral by submitting the email address of the Referred User on a special referral form or by sharing a special referral link found through Toogit ("Referral Invitation").

Referral Reward

Users will receive the following as Referral Reward for every Successful Referral

Users may receive funds deposited directly in their Toogit Account as part of a promotion or as a Referral Reward.

These Rewards:

will be for the exclusive use of purchasing services on Toogit, their monetary value will not be available for withdrawal from Toogit.

where the amount is a direct deposit of funds in the user's Toogit Account, the currency of the amount will be INR.


  • You must have an active User account on Toogit
  • You may not refer yourself for the Referral Program
  • The Referred User should not already have a User account (active or inactive) on Toogit
  • The Referred User should sign up for a User account using the activation link of the Referral Invitation

Redeem Your Rewards

  • Enable Toogit Instant Connect
  • Feature your projects and services
  • Buy connect points

Discontinuance or modification

Toogit reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Referral Program either temporarily or permanently with or without notice. Toogit will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Referral Program. Non-fraudulent accrued Referral Rewards are not affected by suspension or discontinuance of the Referral Program.


Toogit reserves the right to not grant or to remove any previously granted Referral Reward from your User account should any of the Toogit terms and conditions not be met. Toogit reserves the right to suspend the User account or remove Referral Reward should abusive or fraudulent activity regarding the Referral Program be suspected at the discretion of Toogit.