Find online freelancing jobs faster on Toogit

Find online freelancing jobs faster on Toogit

Finding freelancing jobs could be tricky for beginners and for some experienced freelancers as well.

Searching for freelancing projects you want to work on is a time taking process. Sometimes you might end up spending days and not finding even a single one. These simple steps will help you a lot in searching the jobs faster:

Activate automatic proposals

Auto proposals will save you 75% time spent in searching, shortlisting and bidding on projects. You can simply select the skills, budget and proposal and set it up. As soon as a project is posted in these skills and budget, your proposal will be sent automatically by this tool. You will still have full control to reject or select the project you got through auto proposal. And you will still be able to search and shortlist in the traditional way.

auto proposals for freelance jobs online

Use advance filter

Using advance filter can save you many hours in searching for the right project. Open the filter and define skills, budget, and project type and apply filter. You will now get all the filtered results. Choose the project and make your proposals.

Toogid advance filter to find freelance jobs online

Search by keywords

Choose the search keywords for projects and enter them in the search box.

  • Be sure to enter the correct spellings and spaces between words.
  • Keep switching your keywords
  • Check for singular\plural forms of your keyword as well.
  • It is better to enter hyphen (-) between words instead of spaces.
  • If your search gives good results, save it to run in future.

Khalid Ansari

Khalid is a hard core techie with an undying desire to learn and explore new technologies. In his journey to the perfection, he owned the development methodologies, provided with best optimal options and platform selections in technical designs and helped numerous clients to evaluate & improve their technical architecture.

Khalid Ansari | CTO

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