Freelancing : meaning, jobs and sites

Freelancing : meaning, jobs and sites

Most people nowadays starting to freelance in their respective skills. The biggest advantage of freelancing is; you learn how to handle a project single handedly from scratch. It takes your skills to next level where you become an expert in your domain. Biggest motivation is quick money you can earn in freelancing by working on your own terms and conditions. It gives equal opportunities to everyone, you might be a college student, a housewife or a passion driven professional or any individual, freelancing gives you exactly what you are looking for. Besides huge earnings, you get a good network, marketing skills, reputation, trustworthy contacts, product placement and everything you can imagine. But there is a majority of people who are beginners in this field or curious about freelancing jobs, this blog is specially designed for them.

Meaning of Freelancing

In simple words freelancing is self employment. There is no particular full time employer for a freelancer. You pick your best skills and get short term work from different employers which is best suitable for your skills. There is a common myth that only software engineers or programmers (widely IT professionals) can do freelancing. Freelancing means any individual can work independently on short term or contract basis. For more details check this Wikipedia page. Freelancing jobs are most of the times remote jobs which are done online (completely or partially). It is also a good and easy way to work from home and earn money online.

Freelancing jobs and websites in India

This is a widely asked question in different online forums and communities. Below are the most popular types of online freelancing jobs. There is no increasing or decreasing popularity in below freelancing jobs but they all are in demand online jobs:

Design and multimedia: Graphics, logo, Web designing etc.
Writing: Content, Article, Creative, Blog etc
IT programming and Web development
Support and Virtual assistance, customer service
Accounting, Legal, Human Resource and many more.

Freelancing websites are not country bound most of the times so freelancing websites in India are majorly the websites present in whole world. Below are some widely used freelancing websites out of thousands of other websites:

Toogit - Great Work, Creativity And Trust Delivered Online
Upwork - Hire Freelancers and Get Freelance Jobs Online
Freelancer – Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online
Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs

Freelancing: Best way to make money online working from home

This is most discussed topic how to make money online or how to earn money online. There are thousands of ways which promise you to make online money but 90% of them are simple and obvious scams. But if you want a fool proof way to earn money online, freelancing is best and most trustable way. You work remotely for actual clients and get paid for your work. Though it is a remote job but you get to talk to the actual clients and that makes you comfortable in investing your time.
Dushyant Tyagi

Dushyant is a seasoned freelance writer, developer and start-up enthusiast. Apart from front and backend development, his passion for writing makes him an expert in blogging, content writing and generating quality web traffic.

Dushyant Tyagi | Freelance Writer

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