Highest paying jobs you can do from home

Posted on Jul 10, 2017 12:26:19 AM
Highest paying jobs you can do from home
Freelancing is a field with unlimited opportunities for everyone. The fact which makes it even more interesting is anyone with a pc and internet can become a freelancer. It is true that a particular expertise is required to start freelancing but the best part is you are free to choose the skill you want to work in. Anything you can imagine is available for you to work.

While any skill could be useful but still there are some leader board skills top in demand. These are the top earning skills in the freelance market with no particular order:

Web Development : PHP, RoR, JAVASCRIPT, JQuerry, HTML, CSS. Along with Wordpress, Joomla, Wix. Top developers charge $1000-1200 hourly.

Web development jobs

Mobile app development : Android and iPhone apps development. Experts charge upto $400-700 hourly.

mobile app development

Writing: Content, Blog, Copy, Fiction. Pays upto $200-300 to skilled writers.

Writing jobs

Designing and editing: Info graphics, Logo, banner, photo editing. Charges vary in a wide range.

designing and editing jobs

Digital marketing: Most in demand work right now. There is no bar of earnings.

digital marketting

SEO & SMM: Makes you visible to the search engines.

Search engine optimization

You ever thought simple Microsoft excel can get you tons of freelance projects? So does the PowerPoint, outlook, word and all other independent tools you thought were worthless. Image editing, banner design, logo design, voice-overs, customer service, email writing, virtual assistance are other skills to get you started .Even facebook skills can make you a top rated freelancer. Stay tuned for more trends in demand.

Dushyant Tyagi

Dushyant is a seasoned freelance writer, developer and start-up enthusiast. Apart from front and backend development, his passion for writing makes him an expert in blogging, content writing and generating quality web traffic.

Dushyant Tyagi | Freelance Writer

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