How to make more money from your business

Posted on Jul 9, 2017 11:45:56 PM
How to make more money from your business

At a certain stage all entrepreneurs need more from their time and more from their business. Getting most out of your time is an art that you learn over the time. Managing time is a great skill but there seems to be not enough hours in a day. That’s why you always need something that gives amazing outputs in least time.

As a business owner, you need to wear many hats to make it big. To manage your each role effectively you need to make smart moves at right time. Your business, existing business, can grow many folds if you make right move at right time. These are 10 ways that will boost your existing business to make more money:

1. Affiliate programs

Tell your friends about a great place where you had amazing food, they might wanna give it a try, and when they do, the place would definitely praise you for spreading word of mouth. The place would appreciate you or sometimes reward you for getting them more customers. Your friends got great food and the place got more customers and you got your reward. That’s how affiliate program works.

Start gifting\rewarding your customers who bring you more customers. Affiliate programs will boost your sales and traffic many times. There is a great example of affiliate is Toogit affiliate program.

2. Start using Quora

This amazing place has answers of every question. If you run an online business, this is the best place to spread awareness. Start answering questions related to your business and you would be amazed to see the results. Quora is an emerging form of an intellectual social media. It has its reach to the people who find other forms of social media not-interesting.

3. Giveaways

Well, if you have a tangible product to sell, giveaway is a good marketing strategy. Run a contest and select few winners to give them the product as free. Free is the most appealing and powerful word in the world of internet. Also, another good example is the strategy used by shopping malls. Buy one get one for free.

4. Invest in SEO

Online businesses depends mostly on the search results. Properly used SEO techniques won’t let you down. Hire SEO expert or learn how to do it. Also, it is a time taking process so don’t be demotivated if you don’t get good results in the beginning.

5. Social media

You want maximum exposure? Be popular on social media. Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc have their reach to 3/4 population of the world. These are the best channels to advertise and getting more customers no matter what your business is.

Nishant Agarwal

Nishant is founder and CEO of He is one of the top .01% active web developers in the world right now. A passionate inventor and business strategist, helped hundreds of startups to grow their business like a weed.

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