How to use Auto-Proposals effectively

Author - Khalid AnsariKhalid Ansari
May 29, 2018
How to use Auto-Proposals effectively
It's been a while Toogit launched one of the best freelancing feature yet - Auto-proposals. It has raised several eyebrows since it's launch. While many have already reaped benefits out of it others are alread making their minds to try the one of the newest approach to freelancing.

In this blog we will cover how to use auto-proposal effectively and win more jobs using this.

Review and personalize proposals

Auto-proposals are submitted on a job which matches your skill set and minimum budget as soon as a job is posted. You also get an email notification about the same. However, most of the freelancers who have auto-proposal enabled forget one very important thing. They forget to personalize the proposal.
As soon as you get the email notification, you should login and review the job post. After that it's important to personlize the proposal, Modify the proposal to explain why you think you are the right fit for requirement. Also, adjust the bid amount as you see fit.
Auto-proposal gives you an opportunity to be notified about as soon as your profile matches with a job. This also conveys to client that your profile is a verified and trusted profile with Toogit. Since you spent money on enabling auto-proposal client also understands that you are actively looking for job and hence will look at your proposal seriously.

Tell them your availability

Clients who accept to receive auto-proposals on their jobs, are in urgent need of freelancers to fix something or they are looking to start their next big thing as soon as possible. Hence, it's important to tell the clients about your availability in your proposal. Like you can be available on "Friday, 15th Dec 2017 at 6:00 PM" for detailed discussion. You also need to make sure that you login and check your messages on Toogit at that time without fail.

Be attentive to additional questions

Many Toogit clients will ask you to answer one or more Additional Questions during the proposal stage. Auto-proposal doesn't submit answers to those questions on your behalf. For that you need to login and see if client has asked any additional questions.
Be attentive to additional questions and answer them as soon as you get auto-proposal submission notification.

A quality profile and thoughtful proposals are a winning formula for Toogit.

Have you sent out any Toogit proposals? Any tips you’d like to share with us? Or maybe you have some more questions. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section.
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About freelance-jobs

Are you struggling to find freelance jobs? Or before start freelancing one of the top question potential freelancers have is, “How and where can I find freelance jobs?” Don’t worry, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll get the right option to find freelance jobs online.

Every year, the growth of freelancing is increasing rapidly, more people are seeing freelancing as a long-term option. In last year, 57 million Americans currently freelance, which is an increase of 4 million people since 2014. I believe the times aren’t far when anyone can work from home.

If you’re interested to work from home in New Zealand, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Australia or anywhere in the world. Your best career option would be working as a freelancer on Toogit. Toogit is the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work, and Toogit provide work from home opportunity for people who want to work remotely. Freelance platform provides freelance web search, Web design & research jobs, Translation jobs, Content writing jobs, Virtual assistant jobs, graphics design jobs and more freelance jobs as they have client and required freelancers to complete those projects.

4 Steps to starting your freelance career and get best freelance job

Define your goals: First decide what you would like to do with your freelancing career, money, experience, or contact. Once that's decided, start pitching for work. But before you start a work, it’s important to be clear about how you plan to execute the work.

Select your freelance niche: Your freelance niche gives you a clearer thought of what type of work will help to develop your freelance career. Freelance niche allows you to focus on what you’re perfect at. You will use your natural talents, make your existing skills as your niche and find its market value. Selecting a specific niche as a freelancer means that you’ve targeted your freelance work on a specific skill.

Create a strong portfolio: Create a graphic design portfolio or web design portfolio, and publish your most compelling work samples on it. It’s a public showcase of your very best stuff so, make a strong and quality portfolio. Because strong portfolio establishes credibility and expands your professional network.

Learn how to pitch yourself: If you would like to start freelancing, you need to understand how to pitch yourself. No matter how skilled you are, if you want to show your skills into starting a freelance career, you need to be able to communicate those strengths by using carefully strategized proposals. Writing a strong freelance proposal that can be beat out experienced competitors.

Sign-up as a freelancer, and start your freelance job search.


Quick way to find the best freelance jobs

Are you ready to start a job search? Toogit freelance website is one of the best platforms to start looking for freelance jobs! While there’s many job sites out there, Toogit can guarantee you a safe job search that’s free from job scams and fishy opportunities, which is often one of the most difficult parts about finding freelance work.

The first step is to sign up as freelancer on Toogit for find premium, flexible remote jobs that you can do it at your home or anywhere in the world. Here you find bulk requirements with different clients, and you easily get the best freelance jobs that match your skills.

As a freelancer, you’ll spend more time hunting down jobs and gigs. We track down, and verify the legitimacy of jobs from all clients and compile them into different project categories like Web design & research, Translation, Content writing, Virtual assistant, Graphics design and more for easy searching.

Don’t let me dictate you into believing this, see for yourself:

If you are full-time employer and wants to get more income using freelancing, but you don’t have all day to find the best job that match your skills. Don’t worry, the new virtual assistant, “Toogit Instant Connect” help you to get your best job as a freelancer. Toogit Instant Connect works for you even while you're offline and submits proposals on your behalf on the jobs as soon as they're posted. The proposal is sent to client automatically if the job posting match your skill set and minimum budget. Toogit Instant Connect not only helps freelancers for proposal submission, but it also accelerates the hiring process.


Let’s join with Toogit, and enjoy technology based freelance world.

A large number of people think that “freelancing” is something you do when you cannot get a real job. On the other hand, “freelancers” know that there is nothing more real than that to be the owner, director, and the financial manager at the same time.


Freelancing is basically being self-employed and not committed to any one company or firm. You’ve heard those seemingly perfect freelance stories. Some designer quits his jobs and starts freelancing and now he’s making more money than he was while at a firm. All the while travelling the world and working for himself. Not to mention he gets to choose what kind of work he does.


When I say “full-time job” I mean one that’s 30-hours per week or more. Basically, you’ve hit the threshold for wherever you’ve started to receive benefits for the time you work each week. Generally, over 30-hours is considered regular, and 40-hours is that the “traditional” hours for full time, however many jobs will go over that mark.


When you work as a freelancer, you’re not permanently employed by any one company. You may have a long-term contract, however freelancers are usually working with totally different employers at any given time and should have a spread of tasks that they'll be employed for.


“I choose to be in freelance because I’m able to work my own hours, determine my own salary, and be creative in my work.”

Freelance work offers tremendous advantages and can represent an attractive alternative to a traditional job. If you are considering a freelance career, you should explore the benefits of freelancing. 

  1. Working from home: Working from home is a perfect resolution for balancing work and family or personal life, during which you can with success make for a living and support yourself and your family. Engaging from home and thereby carve out a comfortable life, it's fully possible. But, as long as you're willing to work hard.
  2. Flexibility of hours: Working from home or from a remote workplace as a freelancer allows you to dictate your own hours and work on times most convenient to you. Freelancers with young kids, for instance, will work when the children are sleeping; freelancers with traditional employment or part-time jobs will perform their freelance work around their regular work hours.
  3. Perform multiple task as same time: Large Scale Company engaged in one activity or an entrepreneur who knows how to do five things at once? Freelancers are themselves in their work. That speaks to that they constantly further educate, constantly wide network of contacts and work hard at acquiring new skills that can make them more competitive in the work they are dealing with.
  4. Lower Cost: Utility costs, equipment, insurance, and running the business from the office building has become too costly. If the profit is insufficient, jobs will fail because of the buildup of these costs. Freelancers, on the other hand, almost don't have any additional cost, then will get started by simply registering at premium freelancing sites like Toogit.
  5. Freedom: As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you wish to work with and the projects on which you work, particularly if you have an excess of work. You can drop high maintenance or slow-paying clients or turn down undesirable projects if you desire.
  6. Income Control: Your income is the direct results of your own efforts instead of being set by the law firm or company. In most cases, the harder you work, the greater the reward. Your paycheck or bonus will not be capped, reduced or eliminated by your leader, though it will vary month to month, depending on your efforts and business.
  7. Learning through Work: Do not think about work like at a company wherever you work twenty years the same thing, you'll change jobs and employers on a weekly basis, and lots of additional can learn what is going to be helpful for future jobs.
  8. Full credit: When you work as a freelancer, you receive full credit for your work. You don't have to worry about the blunders of other employees, compromising your work product for the sake of the team or others taking credit for your work.
  9. Opportunity for all: Increasing employment of vulnerable teams like mothers and fathers with young kids, people with mobility problems and people living in remote areas.


“I prefer the freedom to choose what sort of work I do without my schedule being controlled and my choices being commanded by someone else. I can express myself and be appreciated for it as well as bring beauty to the world by way of my work. It also is less stressful than an office environment and allows me the time necessary to take care of my farm.”

Java is everywhere, in laptops, scientific supercomputers, gaming consoles, mobile phones, etc. Java is in all platforms and devices and in all countries around the world. It allows developers to make programs work just about anywhere. And it inspired the evolution of an incredible technology community. The brilliance of Java is that the platform independence. Java is simple to use, easy to write, compile, debug, and learn as compared to alternative programming languages. It also allows you to create reusable code and standard programs.

Java is a technology that constantly adapts to new needs these days, there’s a new release each six months or so. The most effective jobs go to Java developers who keep up with the constantly changing language and enhance their skill sets with complementary technologies.

Why Java developers are in demand?

Today, Java is the most popular choice for writing android apps. It’s also widely used in cloud applications, machine-learning environments, and internet of Things technology, Java developers need a wide range of skills, from a thorough information of the basics to an understanding of the latest developments. Java developers creates mobile apps, redesign the user experience on your public website, or keep business-critical applications on the cutting edge, everyone needs code; demand for Java developers is great. Banks and financial sector, automation systems, and other very big industrial sectors are writing their server apps for a long time in java and it will not even fade away soon.

Developing software takes time and planning. Before you start the development process, you’ll need to decide on the skills you need to induce your project off the ground. Most developers can have a grasp of the fundamentals associated with Java if it’s their primary programming language. However you'll be round-faced with those who’ll try and pass off theoretical information as practical experience.

There is a vast difference between the knowledge of a language and the practical application. Simply because a developer will explain a process doesn’t necessarily mean they can code a solution.

Hire a great java developer on Toogit

Hiring great coders or developers is one in all the toughest challenges. Toogit freelance platform provide easiest way to hire a top quality java developers just post your requirements on Toogit. Java Developers on Toogit are highly skilled and talented. Hiring Java Developers on Toogit is quite affordable as compared to a full-time employee and you can save up to 50% in business cost by hiring Java Developers on Toogit.

You are about to hire a Java Developer on Toogit but aren't sure if you have covered everything? I have gathered some important or effective recruiting strategy to hire new talent for your project.

  1. Write awesome job descriptions: Writing an excellent job description is a first step towards attracting top developers. A decent job description not only attracts candidates but the right candidates. Writing an excellent job description is not easy. And no, you simply cannot copy paste it from Google..! Writing your own and unique job description will effectively describe your project requirements and easily understandable for developers.
  2. Search top rank java developer: Toogit freelance platform have a large number of java developers, find high rated freelancers well experienced in project development and Good knowledge about latest technologies. A developer will usually list the versions they’ve used most recently on their CV, but if they don’t, bring up the topic in the interview if you want to know more. The most common version required as part of a tech stack is Java 8, the current LTS version of the language. This should be the primary focus when questioning a developer.
  3. Interview relevant candidates: The way you write job descriptions determines the standard of applications you receive. And, it’s the specific questions you ask in your interview process that helps you weed out the rest from the great ones. A quick interview will allow you to measure how strong every professional is in expressing concepts and explaining their method. The additional you speak to every professional by chat the better you’ll be able to gauge their expertness and communication skills and determine whether they’re right for your project.
  4. Decide the project cost and duration: It can be difficult for a client to understand the duration of a project and its cost, but a developer can sit down and discuss project scope, an inexpensive timeline, and any deliverables that you just will expect throughout the project’s development process.

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