Sign-up, Invite your friends and Earn

Author - Khalid AnsariKhalid Ansari
Jul 11, 2021
Sign-up, Invite your friends and Earn

Toogit announces a referral program to every user registered on Toogit. You can earn 100 INR or 1.5 $ just by inviting your 1 friend to Toogit. You will get 1000 INR or 15 $ if you invite 10 people and all of them sign-up on Toogit. There is no limit on invites and on money earned. You can use this money to purchase various services and features on Toogit. 


There is one more advantage in inviting your friends to Toogit. Toogit is very soon going to launch its first-ever social media platform for freelancers. Using this new platform, you can discuss work, jobs, technical issues, and connect with freelancers across the world. So don't wait, sign-up and invite your friends to Toogit and witness the Freelancing revolution. All you have to do is sign-up and then follow the steps detailed below. 


1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open your profile widget. It looks like the following. 

Toogit My Profile Widget


2. Click on the "Invite Friends & Earn" link under the Go To section. This will open the invite page as shown below. 

Invite Friends and Earn


3. Type in the email-ids of your friends to whom you want to invite and write a personal message (this is optional) and just click on the "Invite Friends" button. All done! We will send an email to each of your friends to join you on Toogit. Once they sign-up, you will get the amount credited to your Toogit account. You can check the amount on your transaction page by clicking on the "My Transactions" link under the Go To section of your profile widget.

Last Modified: Jul 11, 2021
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