Six freelance jobs you never heard of

Author - Dushyant TyagiDushyant Tyagi
Apr 3, 2019
Six freelance jobs you never heard of

You cannot imaging how weird your client's requirements could be. Freelancing is a place of unlimited jobs, if you search and browse these jobs, you will get hundreds of unconventional work assignments. Sometimes, a job could be so rare and unique that you can't believe it actually exists. 


We came across hundreds of these weird and unusual work assignments but some are so interesting that you would want to tell your friends about them. They actually have the potential to become a good topic for gossips. Some of them are so brilliant and creative that anyone could be amazed, while there are some which actually needs freelancers to be strong enough to handle. Here are few examples of such strange jobs


1. Freelance stunt performers


There was a time when stuntmen were needed in the mainstream movies and TV serials. Now a days, every business is aquiring the technique of video promotions. You tube and similar sites have started a trend, anyone can earn good enough if he posts a video and gets good amount of views. So stuntmen are required for these video clips. Except videos, stuntmen are also in demand in testing safety equipments in real life scenarios.


2. Freelance Bounty hunting


You got the point. Bounty hunting is also a freelancing job which is more popular in western countries. 

bounty hunter


3. Freelance date consultants


In this busy time it is hard to imagine and execute a good impressive idea to make your significant other feel special. And executing this idea successfully might become tad tricky for majority of people. So needless to say freelancers actually offer this services and make their living on it. They plan a date, provide you ideas and execute the plan, couples just have to show up and enjoy.


4. Freelance cuddlers


If you are feeling dim, depressed, lonely and need someone to share your emotions, or you only need cuddling to cheer you up. Hire a cuddler.


5. Cat catchers


You cat is lost, there are some freelancers who could find, catch and return your cat. 

cat catching


6. Professional mourners


Like professional cuddlers, mourner is also a freelance profession more popular in European countries.


Last Modified: Apr 3, 2019
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