Toogit : How a seed became the tree

Toogit : How a seed became the tree

Facing a problem, fighting back and overcoming the problem gives you a lifelong motivation to do something greater. Then you take a bigger problem, solve it and enjoy the deepest satisfaction you get. And at some point you see that someone you care about, is about to step-out in the world and face same problems that you faced. Why wouldn’t you want to cut the roots of the problems once and for all?

That is how the idea of Toogit came in existence. I have been a freelancer and a client for more than ten years and there was a time when my pain was at its fullest.

It is hard to pen down everything I faced but here are few points that made me cry and I believe they made cry everyone else as well:

  • High commission
  • Forcefully lowered prices of a gigs to less than minimum wages
  • No automation
  • Nothing new in last decade
  • No time tracking for long term projects
  • Spam projects
  • Awfully manual basic tasks
  • Bad algorithms to match projects and skills
  • Delay in hiring
  • Fake profiles

These pain points did not come out of the blue. It is sad to say most of them are intentional to get bigger profits for the platform itself.

I knew few workarounds and used to apply them for myself to get rid of above issues. Then I felt it is important to give back to the community that earned me my bread and butter. I gathered all of my trusted experts and had them review the solutions I made for each issue. We worked long hours for long time, broken and made several modules and destroyed them to build something even better. Slowly but steadily something great was taking a shape. Then one fine day we were able to release MVP that was named as Since then, there have been hundreds of new builds and releases and at the end we got to the current version of

In the meanwhile, there have been lots of ups and downs in terms of means, wages, and resources. But Toogit stands unaffected despite of numerous roadblocks. Toogit is world’s first ever marketplace that will run on a unique business model of zero commission. These are few checkpoints we have achieved in Toogit so far:

  • 8% commission (aiming to make it 0% soon).
  • Automation in bidding
  • Importing reputation from other platforms
  • Tools that can manage long term\short term or forever projects.
  • Simple, Transparent and honest policies
  • Specially designed spam removal AI

Toogit lives on the grace of friends and family. Toogit is a dream project for us and it will be alive forever, with or without investment. The investment will help it grow faster, so yes, Toogit is looking for investors but okay if doesn’t get one.

Good things don’t come without great efforts. Behind Toogit, there is a great team of dedicated, hard working and best in the domain experts. Ankit, Khalid, Dushyant, Ganesh and Nishant are the people that make core team Toogit. Who did what and where makes their contributions appear effortless, but Toogit is a result of endless efforts from team Toogit. To test out experience and expertise, test what we built.

Khalid Ansari

Khalid is a hard core techie with an undying desire to learn and explore new technologies. In his journey to the perfection, he owned the development methodologies, provided with best optimal options and platform selections in technical designs and helped numerous clients to evaluate & improve their technical architecture.

Khalid Ansari | CTO

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