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Ima Senthil Kumar India


OpenMar 1, 2019
I am looking for someone with Brilliant Directory skill and can help me setup a Brilliant Directories custom website.

I would like the website to:-

1. Member login in for free and to upload details of aircraft or aircraft parts with pictures, for selling them. Which you will keep as a free service.

2. Also the interested members should be able to pay a premium to 'boost' their advert.

3. Interested Companies can login and they can create advertising on certain pages with defined duration and costing for size of advert and on how many pages, as well as be part of the Business directory search at a monthly fee.

4. It will have a Reporting for the company adverts, so you can show them traffic of advert.

5. Also members can Setup Adsense for further revenue.

Skills & Expertise Required


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