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OpenDec 31, 2018
I have a customer data set to analyze. From this data, I want to identify different customer groups based on their shared motivations.

10 interviews were conducted.

Customer behaviors identified from the interviews were grouped into two categories for each interviewee.

- Group 1 includes 13 behaviors. Each interviewee demonstrates 1-13 behaviors.

- Group 2 includes 10 behaviors. Each interviewee demonstrates 1-10 behaviors.

The behavioral data is binary either present or not present.

I want to identify the clusters of interviewees, with similar behaviors.

I believe the appropriate method to identify these clusters is hierarchical clustering of themultiple binary data points, including presentation in a dendrogram and table.

This is a dry run using sample data to develop and test a repeatable process for analyzing this kknd if data.

Skills & Expertise Required

Customer Development Customer Discovery Data Analytics Data Science Mathematics 

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