Cognitive Systems Engineer




Ross D.France


OpenSep 12, 2019
General IT requirements:
- knowledge of Python3 / \u0421 ++ / C # / Java;
- understanding of complex data structures;
- desirable experience in the field of programming robotics.
- knowledge of basic network protocols and client-server architecture;
- experience in creating microservice architectures.
- Experience in creating multi-agent systems.
- Git experience;
- experience with SQL and No SQL databases (in particular with graph databases);
- understanding and applying complex design patterns (for example, Blackboard);
- Good problem solving skills, algorithm development, system design

General requirements for data analysis and big data:
- experience with Machine Learning (techniques and algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision tree, clustering, artificial neural networks, GAN, genetic algorithms, etc.);
- experience with deep learning;
- experience with Reinforcement learning;
- Experience of Natural Language Processing and in particular Information Extraction;
- experience in standard technologies of data science (PyTorch, Pandas, Keras, SciPy, SciKit, Tensorflow, NumPy, MatLab, etc.);
- Experience in creating data storage and processing architecture and knowledge (data architectures, data models, data warehouses / data lakes).
- Knowledge of the semantic web

Cognitive Systems Requirements:
- successful experience in creating cognitive decision-making systems and knowledge representation (action selection, planning, knowledge representation, analogy making)
- experience with automated control systems.

Skills & Expertise Required

Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Pandas TensorFlow 

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