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Jivan BhattaraiIndia


AwardedSep 16, 2018
CPA Needed! Things have been nuts! Basically I need a one-stop-shop financial/accounting makeover. I need tofilemytaxesfor 2015-present. I have an S-Corp LLC, and also started a job as an employee at a new company as of Jan 2017. (So the S-Corp may not be needed anymore? I don't know.)

After a long series of events, (I'll save you the long story unless you'd like to be entertained over a coffee/beer)-- I honestly entered into a bad depression and dropped the ball on a ton of things, including my finances.

I'm ready to get things back on track and rebuild to grow strategically. I have multiple accounts, some with business transactions spread into some of the personal ones, and vice versa. (Again - absolute mess.) I had one bookkeeper rockin' it, and then she disappeared. Hired another, and she lost my quickbooks files, so I'm basically back to square one. Here's a general outline of what I'm looking for:

- Assistance with filing 2015, 2016, 2017 taxes (Transactions need to be organized to determine totals in various categories *can provide as many statements as possible)
- Determine how much is currently owed (I have been on a payment plan)
- Determine status with the state, how much is owed
- Determining current business status of my LLC
- Changing LLC status to best option for current situation. (Does it still need to be an S-Corp? based on my current situation)
- Assistance with organizing moving forward. (I am familiar with Quickbooks and Xero- I've tried a ton of others, but would like guidance on getting setup so that I can handle things moving forward.)
- I work in the music industry & need help determining incoming royalty splits for songs that I've worked on with other writers
- I lost my studio last year due to flooding, and was screwed over by studio partners. I also had a ton of gear stolen from me in 2016. Would like to figure out the best way to write losses like these off.
- Collaborate to strategically grow future investments.

Everything can be done remotely if needed, as I understand the value of time (I'm a big fan of apps and online collaboration) and my virtual assistant can be used at your disposal to help get this finished.

Is this something that you might have availability to assist me with? I just need help getting from A to B. I am capable of doing all of this on my own, but due to new time constraints of being a full-time employee, it would take me forever, and the longer I wait- the worse things will get with the IRS. (Not to mention I just want this lingering shadow to finally be behind me.)

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

I look forward to working with you! Cheers!

Skills & Expertise Required

Accounting BookKeeping Financial Accounting Intuit QuickBooks Tax Preparation 

Project closed for bidding!

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